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A guide to standard table and chair heights, plus how to calculate the ideal dining table, coffee table, kitchen table, side table and desk table.

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While tables can have different shapes and sizes, the standard height of a dining table is pretty consistent. To function well, it has to be high enough so that there is enough clearance space above the knees of those who gather round to eat or chat.

Choose the right height. Chair, bar or counter height? To determine which stool you need, measure the height of your table or counter. Keep in mind you need 9-13 between the seat and the counter for seating comfort. Heights of chair stools are generally 18 from floor to seat. Pair with a table or counter 28-30 in height.

Pick a height for your chair raisers. chair raisers usually come in sizes from about 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 5 inches (13 cm). Decide how much higher you want your chairs to be and pick a chair raiser that comes in your desired height.

Chair heights generally range up to 17-19 inches (43-48cm) from the chair leg to the top of the seat, while stool heights can range from 16-23 inches (40-58cm) due to their minimalism. These chair heights are standard to fit under tables from 28-30 inches (71-76cm). You should also account for any apron (support beam) under the table.

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Let’s start with the sofa, which is made up of two smaller sides, and paired with a corner chair to make it a classic L shape.

To create a comfortable and functional restaurant, details like the standard restaurant chair height and the distance between the seat and bar should never be.

The final scale concern when choosing chairs for a mixing room table is the difference between the table height and the overall chair height.

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You may think of buying a table or a chair. Before buying, you should have some idea. Standard chair and table heights differ between.

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