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Half Circle Seating. Seatare arranged in a semi-circle facing the health educator located in the middle. Pos-Facilitates class discussions, but HED leader is the boss. Neg-Needs lots of space. Board Room Seating.

A round setup feels both fresh and inclusive (think of how much more inviting a round table can be than a rectangular one). This is the perfect compromise if you prefer a circular arrangement, but want to show off a specific ceremony backdrop (like this breathtaking cliffside).

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There are many seating arrangements that the teachers can use, six common arrangements are cluster, rows, table rows, semi- circle, pairs and centers or activity zones. From my personal experiences working in the classroom and being a student, these are the seating arrangements that are used the most in the United States.

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Participants are seated at standard rectangular (single or back to back) or round tables (60", 66", or 72" in diameter). Seating may be 6, 8, or 10 participants per table, depending on room and/or table size. Depending on the needs of the session, groups can be organized as cross-functional or as

1. Half-Circle Fire Pit Seating Concept; 2. Add Some Color Splash to Your Fire Pit; 3. Rustic fire pit; 4. Fire Seating Under the Gazebo; 5. Natural Stone Craze; 6. Garden Style Fireplace Seating; 7. Building an Ultimate Fire Pit Seating at Your Patio; 8. Getting Creative with the Stacked Stone Fire Pit

For more detailed information on our half circle booths, contact Mega Seating & Design at (727) 359-0626 or email us at Our professionals are readily available to help you with any selection, layout, and installation questions you may have.

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You can use the examples on the following slides to create a seating chart, or create your own using the shapes on this slide. To create your own chart: On the Insert menu, click New Slide. Copy objects from this sheet and paste them onto your chart. To rotate objects: Select the object you want to rotate. On the Drawing toolbar, click Rotate.

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